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equipping parents with community & resources to be our best for our children with special needs

For Parents

We've all been there -- gritting our teeth, pulling out our hair, feeling alone and overwhelmed by parenting our kids with special needs. We long for emotional and tactical support. 

The Empowered Together online community was born out of this need voiced by parents across the US to connect with others walking down a similar path. We wanted help putting our priorities in order, crystallizing our goals, clarifying next steps, and feeling the benefit of making progress on our parenting journeys. 

With our various membership options, you can access a community of encouraging and solution-oriented parents that want to become empowered together with you. Thanks for being here!

Membership Options

Community Membership (No cost)

  • Connect anytime from anywhere to ask questions and learn from veteran parents across the country
  • Curated introductions to peers on similar journeys
  • Communicate directly with other parents through direct messaging
  • Interactive content to spur learning and thinking outside the box that can be applied immediately
  • Archive of resources including panel discussions, articles, and how-tos
  • Customized onboarding to platform and community
  • Office hours for quick touch points
  • A safe, closed community limited to parents of children with special needs
  • Once your request to join is approved, you're a Community Member!

Enhanced Community Membership ($15/month)

  • All the benefits of Community Membership
  • Ongoing support through biweekly Community Time to process what we’re learning
  • Monthly expert speakers discussing everything from professional counseling to special education law
  • Experienced facilitators
  • Personalized referrals to community resources
  • Once your request to join is approved, you can sign up for Enhanced Community Membership within the community

Intensive ($750)

  • All the benefits of Enhanced Community Membership for the duration of the Intensive
  • 7 week course including frameworks, tools, and exercises to stimulate thinking differently about parenting
  • Weekly objectives to make progress as a parent, both emotionally and tactically
  • Cohort of other parents for support and accountability with private, online group
  • Weekly cohort gatherings to review week’s objectives and grow together
  • Two individual coaching sessions during intensive
  • Personalized referrals to clinical care and therapeutic supports as needed
  • Just fill out this form to get on our waitlist 

What Parents Are Saying

"Thanks for making me realize I am not alone in what I am experiencing!" -Parent in SC

"I felt like I was heard, respected, encouraged, and learned from others." -Parent in FL

"My son’s therapy is going more smoothly as a result of the strategies received from the group." -Parent in NY

"Empowered Together helped me to use my time so much more efficiently ... I found myself making time to clarify reasonable goals and take measurable steps toward accomplishing them. After just a few weeks, I feel I am further ahead in supporting both of my kids as we begin a new school year." -Parent in CT

For Providers

Parents benefit from help on their journeys but existing supports rightfully center children's needs. What if there was a resource that enabled parents to show up as confident, capable partners to the professionals in their child's life, ensuring the best outcomes for their child? What if you could direct parents to quality parenting support once they left your office?

The Empowered Together online, peer-led community is comprised of parents who've been in the trenches, caring for their own kids with special needs. It's a space for parents to get nourished as individuals, employing a parent-focused frame. 

In the community, parents get to ask questions and learn from veteran parents. Group sessions provide space to share collective knowledge and process deeper emotions around parenting. Intensives offer a chance for parents to develop solutions aligned with their needs. Intensives also create a safe space for parents to receive help looking through a different lens and grow in their confidence as parents.

About Our Founder

While parenting her daughter with special needs, Sarah Spear learned firsthand how isolating that journey can be and that other parents were on similar journeys and feeling all alone. She recognized the value in sharing support and knowledge with one another and Empowered Together was born.

Sarah has a history of leading new ventures, whether as the first Executive Director of the Arch Grants startup competition in St. Louis or as a Co-founder of PharmaSecure, a HealthTech company in India, where she saw the company through its Series A funding. She has spent time facilitating community and corporate groups and excels at getting people to look at things in a different way, curiously engaging with their world. She’s bringing her experience as an entrepreneur, facilitator, and most importantly, as a parent to build Empowered Together.

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